Ambition, Hunger, Desire! Why you need it.

Drive, hunger, ambition, aspiration, yearning, and desire are all of what we are talking about here. So I am just going to refer to all of these as your desire.

Without desire, the will to do something is just not there. The stronger the desire, the better chance you have of achieving what it is that you desire. Desire in a business sense is all about your ability and energy to make what you want to come to life. How much do you want this? Do you have a deep down fire that is burning in you that is pushing you to go further? It’s what makes athletes work to master their sport, it’s what drives people to lose weight, and it’s what dictates why you get back up when you fail and give it another crack!

You can be the most naturally talented person in your field. But without the desire, the will, the determination, the courage and the dream, talent will not be enough for you to make it. We see amazingly talented artisans leave their industry all the time because they have the passion, the love of the craft, the values, and the purpose all sorted out, but they didn’t have the goals set to get there. They didn’t seek the business knowledge they needed.

So the desire was in the creating of their craft, not the creating of the business. On the other hand, I have seen skilled creatives that have been in business for many years, that have learned the craft along the way, that understood business and had the ambition to make their craft work for them as a business. They had a desire to make it work. They sort out the information and knowledge they needed to make what they desired a reality.

You can want something so much, but if you don’t take steps to make it happen, if you don’t get up and learn how to make it happen it will just burn in you until the fire slowly burns out and you find something else you desire.

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