Are you scared of success?

The heading alone sounds crazy, but truth be told there is a real epidemic of this within small business!

The fear of anything in our lives can be crippling, it can stop us dead in our tracks to move forward, but everything we do in our lives is a choice.

What does success actually mean to you? This will be different for all entrepreneurs and small business people. Do not look to everyone else’s success, focus on your own goals and what you want to achieve. Remember when you look at someone else’s success you are only seeing their highlights reel!! you are not seeing all the hard stuff that that had to get through to get to that success in the first place.

Self-doubt is a major topic on its own within entrepreneurs. Negative thoughts breeds fear, taking the safe approach, and living in this zone will not serve you nor bring you success!

There is a great acronym for fear and it is false evidence appearing real. You need to evaluate the evidence or the situation you are in and make sure that the information that you are basing your feelings on are actually real!

The journey to success is a real soul searching exercise, you will need to muster plenty of strength and positive energy, but you can do it!

Acknowledgement is the first key step to beating this feeling, understanding that at times you will feel nervous and that it is completely normal, you will question the activities you are undertaking but continue to reassure yourself by looking at your big picture. When you recognize where the fear is coming from you can work through it and find a way to get past it.

To beat this fear your need to practice and acknowledge your wins, the journey to the bigger picture is made up of small bite sized pieces, so by celebrating even the smallest of wins moves you closer mentally to your goals of success.

The emotional roller-coaster of owning your small business is a daily occurrence, harness the energy from the positive outcomes and do not allow yourself to fall too far when things don’t go according to plan. Learn from these times and look to what you can do better in the future.

Ask any successful person in business and they will tell you that fear of success is within everyone, you need to beat the demon and when you do you will be grateful that you stuck it out.

Do you have any tricks to dealing with Self Doubt? If you do, comment below and share your ideas with us. We always like to find new ways of dealing with fear.

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