It’s Monday Morning, and the grind is real. Are you feeling trapped?

Are you trapped?

It’s Monday morning and the grind is real, getting kids to School, getting yourself ready, getting your partner ready or all of the above, Monday’s suck.

Today are you feeling trapped more than other days, has the realisation of is this all there is finally hit you. Scared to step outside your comfort zones and try to fix this horrible place you are in.

You are not alone, who thought up this horrendous thing called the rat race.

We work with all different types of individuals, those that are currently working and looking for a way out, and this is what we hear;

  • We are like zombies moving through our life simply putting one foot in front of the other, and really what for, to pay for a life you can’t enjoy?
  • I want to scream today, run for the hills and live in a cave. I feel lost for what I think I want in my life versus what I really need to survive. Every day I feel my life slipping away from me, when I choose to push back against mainstream I feel isolated and out in the cold.
  • Why can’t life be easier, less need for success to have the biggest range rover, the flashier house? I know in my heart I don’t need these things but I long for them so much, it feels like it’s eating me up inside!

Why do we all long for these stupid materialistic things, why can’t we see that we don’t need it! What can we do to make ourselves Happy? So many questions and so many answers; we are all on our journey, but the one thing that stands out to me is finding our inner peace. We need to have goals, goals that tie into our heart and soul. If you are not happy then you are the only person that can change it, yes it’s a really crappy thing to say, and I get asked all the time well how do I do that.  Everybody has their own idea of what happiness means, and finding what makes you happy is the first step. Make sure that you don’t rush this phase, I understand better than anyone what it feels like to be trapped in a job you hate, that I promise you! But clear thinking here will reward you the future, make sure that you are defining all the elements of what makes the situation worse, and make a plan to either change them, if you can’t change them, look for another option.

There is always another option, it’s just how bad you want to change and what you are prepared to do to get it!