Blogging for Business and SEO

So you are about to buy something. What is the first thing you do? You Google it right??

It is so important that we have a web presence that tells the world who you are, what you think, about your products, things your business can do, and why your business exists.

This last one about why your business exists is becoming so much more important as we search the web for the perfect business to supply us with the perfect product. We want to work with like minded businesses. And we will do our research online first.

We need to blog intelligently. This is now our marketing zone. This is where people will go to see what we do and what we have done lately. It can be time consuming and get us nowhere if we don’t have an understanding of how it will help us in our business.

A great website is step one. It’s our store window. It’s our showcase. The blog gives your potential clients a virtual door to walk through, wander around, and browse your place of business. They  get to know the style and feel of your business. It is just one more cog that we can use in our social media strategy. It gives us content that we can also share on other social media that we might use like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

It can have our tags, keywords and articles picked up my others and by SEO gathering. It can show Google that we are updating regularly and are dedicated to this blog. The content added regularly helps to increase Google “liking” of us as does links to other organisation that we recommend. It’s all interconnected and each puzzle piece of the web presence needs to be a clear and rational planed out way of thinking.

Let’s have a look at some examples of how we as photographers can use our blogs to get all of this about our business across.

Highlighting a story about a session, or client, or event can be a great blog idea.

Wedding photographers have the perfect business to demonstrate this. Most wedding photographers will blog about their weddings. If you know the florist, dressmaker, and reception venue for example then you can include the links to these business’s web sites and use these names in the keywords or tags within the blog post. This will mean that if someone is googling a particular wedding venue and you have tagged and linked to it then you could show up in the search, the more of that venue on your blog the more chances you have to be picked up in that search.

Family/Baby Photographers can do a sneak peak or a highlight story from a recent photo shoot and talk about something cute or funny that happened during the shoot. Be careful with sneak peeks, often photographers do too many images on them and the client is happy just to download them from there and not bother buying from you. Highlight stories can help as you only put up shoots after the purchase appointment. You can still add tags to these stories to help with getting them picked up in searches. Your location and what type of shoot it was, indoors, outdoors, promotion that it might have been from, etc. Think like a client that is looking for your type of photography and what they might type in to a search engine to find this blog post.

You can create a list of key words that you can and want to include in blog posts. This standardizes how you talk about your business online and helps give you ideas as you write your blog posts.

Do you just want to be sold to when you go to a blog? – not always? Think about other things that your demographic is interested in and blog about that. You can re-share blogs that you find useful and think your demographic might also find useful. You can write inspirational blogs, things that your business has done in the community, a guide to whatever you’re good, make a top 10 list of things, blog about an epic failure or success and so on. There are just so many other things that you can write about. If you can make what you have to say interesting you will drive more traffic to your blogs. There is an endless supply of possibilities and if you’re stuck google blog post ideas or blog post topics.

Blogging can be a great asset to your business but you must decide if it is for you, plan your strategy and make a commitment to getting it done.

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