Change is not comfortable. But it is necessary.

It isn’t usually an experience of cataclysmic proportions that change us, although that does sometimes happen. Most of the time it’s all about growth and evolving. Transforming into a new version of us every day. We just keep nudging ourselves in the right direction.
But some days we get to a point where we are pushed to make a change.
Ever had a day where your back was against the wall and you finally make a decision. Or are you so disgusted with your situation that you know you have to make a change? Emotion is often what takes us to a place that pushes us over the edge and catapults us forward. But they can also bring us down and make us stop in out tracks.
Enough is enough, I’ve had it! Every used these words. This is a statement that means you are not prepared to live like this anymore. This kind of statement can change your life. this is the day that you decide never again. This is that fork in the road that will change who you are when you wake up tomorrow. Your life will now go in a different direction. It will clarify your direction and get you making decisions rather than just going with the flow.
This fork in the road can show you what it is that you desire. What it is that you really want in life. But it is easy to fall into the same habits and patterns that got us to the point of change. It is easy to go back to that fork in the road and go back to that old well-travelled road.
It is so much easier to live with the pain of what you know than to go into the uncharted water. It’s scary not knowing what is going to happen. But is it scarier to stay where you are or is it better to take that leap of faith and move forward.
To move forward you have to be prepared to make changes. Change is not comfortable. But it is necessary. How much of your current habits and patterns are you prepared to change to move forward.

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