Not my circus, Not my clowns!

Reading a Facebook discussion the other day I really had to take a deep breath and not respond. I had made a comment on a post about how a photographer’s client showed them no respect after the photographer had done a cheap shoot and edited photographs. I think from memory they had given them 10 digital files for $50 edited and the “client” didn’t like the edit and wanted the raw files so that they could get the photos edited by a professional.

I found the fact that they wanted them edited by a professional rather amusing but my comment was as follows – If you work for cheap prices you will find that your clients won’t respect you like they would if they were paying correctly for your services. It’s like going to McDonalds. You don’t expect a gourmet burger or amazing table service when you buy a $5 burger. And you probably don’t have much respect for the kid serving you either. If you can sell enough $5 burgers to make a business out of it then great. Have you considered how many $50 session and files you need to do to make a living as a photographer?

The response that came back surprized me. I was pretty much attacked by a number of newbies saying that why do we always have to talk about the money. That they are not in it for the money. That they are doing it because they love the art of photography etc etc etc. So when I asked ”if that was the case why do they “advertise” their services at a cost to others” – well all I can say is I stopped responding because it was just dragging me into a minefield that I was unaware I had stumbled into. I had some fellow professionals who asked how they could live on a wage made of such small amounts and the newbie said that her husband bought her the camera so she could add some income to the family and that she was learning photography to turn it into a business!! My thoughts are then it is about the money!! Talk about going around in circles.

I have a saying, not my circus, not my clowns!! Found this very appropriate for this situation.

I find sometimes not responding to posts will eventually calm the situation and it will die on its own which is what I did and as predicted the post disappeared into the feed of yesterday’s Facebook time capsule.

What amazed me is that this post was in a Facebook page called something like new professional photographers – or something like that. So it just astounded me that when it is pointed out to them that you need to act like a business to be considered a business. It was like I had offended them on some level. Insulted them perhaps!! Like really!! Is this what professional photographers are up against. And the fact that in this instance the client had asked for raw files means that they must have known enough about photography to know that the editing was awful so perhaps the actual images were salvageable.

Some days I forget my own advice of staying away from these sorts of vortex’s and the drama that can suck you in and waste your valuable time. I am sure you all have fallen into this sort of drama vortex at some stage. I suppose I have programed into my DNA the need to try to help. I still help if I can but avoid the “why does it always have to be about the money” conversations.

Have you ever had a situation like this??