Why we find it hard to say NO!

Are you flat out helping everyone and busy doing things that are not helping you move forward? Have you said “Yes” to too many people in your life and now there is no time for you and what you want to do?


You are only person, and you cannot help everyone and leave no time for yourself!

Having your own small business requires you to devote so much time to so many different facets, even if you don’t have a business then you need to allow time for your mind to just be.

With the advent of technology and life in general being kicked up a gear, it feels like we are all running in a mouse wheel!

It is ok to say no, the world will not stop and your clients will still love you! Setting boundaries with your clients and holding firm on the things you will and won’t do helps to ground the interactions that you have with them.

On a personal level, there are two reasons why we cant say “no” through the pure genuineness of wanting to help others, then there is the distraction from your own life.

Those in the world that just love to give are really special people, they thrive on helping others, but never take the time to replenish their own happiness and follow their own dreams.

Then there are those that will do anything and everything so that they do not need to focus on their lives for the fear of having to face an opportunity or problem, as crazy as it sounds this is very common!

Take back your life one day at a time, think about the requests that you would receive and chose one that you can live without, the more you practice saying no, the easier it will become!

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