It’s time to redefine what business ownership is.

The idea of a 9 to 5 work day is becoming a thing of the past. Small business often works outside of these hours and if you are a business owner then you will know that you don’t switch off when you get home at night and that it is easy to slip into more than 40 hours a week working.

But let’s think for a minute why we wanted our own business in the first place. Often the reason is flexibility. Flexibility to do what we want when we want without a boss telling us when and where and how we should be working. And the financial flexibility to reward ourselves for all the hard work we do, rather than just trade our time for money.

What I often see is overworked, stressed-out business people that are so engrained into their business that they have no time to enjoy life. They build a beast that needs their attention, their time and their energy. There is an understanding out there that a successful business is one that grows, has many employees and is generating income. But does it have to be that way?

Let imagine for one second that our work week was only 10 hours a week instead of 40. Imagine what we could be doing in the other 30 hours that we had free. Instead of becoming a slave to your business, think about how your business can set you free from the expected way of doing things.

Don’t design a business that guarantees overwork.

Work smarter, not harder. Design your business to run without you in it. Create process’s and procedures that can be followed without your input. Fine tune these to save time and money. If you have a process down in writing, you can analyse it and see if it can be improved.

If you take on employees, make working for you easy. Make sure they are trained in your processes and procedures and if they are not sure, that there is somewhere that they can go to find out the information they need if you are not there.

Design a business that supports your life, not absorbs your life.

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