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A site built just to support and nurture small business portrait photographers. A system that will give you a prod each week with great info, great ideas and tools that you can use to kick your business into the next level.

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  • Great Content

    Every month we focus on an important business topic. We are in your inbox every Monday to get your week started in the right frame of mind.

  • Getting it sorted

    Help to get your business process sorted. We provide you with templates, forms, documents, and worksheets that will get you organised in no time.

  • Ideas for your social media

    We will work together to tackle that dreaded social media strategy. We will have that social media beast tamed and purring like a little kitten.

  • The Craft

    We might even talk about photography too!! And editing and all the other photography bits that we need to do as part of our business.


  • Time Savers

    Let’s help you get some of your time back. Time is money. We can give you back some of your precious time.

  • Book out that Calender

    Great ideas to help you fill that calender. We will help you to put into place a magnetic marketing calendar that will have you attracting your perfect clients.

  • Unlock those blocks

    Work on what is holding you back. We all disconnect with our business sometimes. Let us show you how to overcome what is holding you back.

  • Likeminded People

    Join and participate in a great community. It’s a lonely path. join us and we can walk it together.

We are that missing piece of the puzzle that you have been looking for.

We are here to help you. We are just like you. Hell, we are you!!  We know what it’s like to be on your own, working your buns off and trying to make a living out of a photography business.

We have made all the mistakes, tried all the tricks, and bought all the templates and actions!! We have watched all the seminars, learned from the best and we are still in business!! Yes, over 25yrs for Mel and over 17yrs for Carol – WE ARE survivors. !!

And better still, we pay our bills and make money doing something that we love to do, create amazing portraits for families that will be treasured forever.

We know the feeling of pride when you have a great sale of your work, or when you get that amazing thank you card that you were not expecting. We know what it’s like to nail that perfect photograph, to succeed doing something you love. But it’s not an easy road is it!!

We might not have all the answers and we definitely don’t have a magic bullet or that elusive perfect formula to the perfect business. But what we do have is lots of great ideas, practical and useful information that is backed up by experience and worksheets and templates and videos that will give you the upper hand and help you get a grip on taming that beast of a business you have growing.

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We are honest about our wins and about when we screw up so that you can learn from us and understand that we are human, just like you!!

You are right for TGMB:

  • if you want to learn how to make a profit instead of hoping that somebody will buy something.
  • If you need to generate more marketing ideas and focus on your clients.
  • If you want to get past all that self doubt and make a kick A$$ business
  • If you just don't know what direction to go.
  • If you are doing ok but know you could do better
  • If your not doing so well and need to restructure
  • If your doing really well but not making any money
  • If you are curious about what we are up to

You are not right if:

  • You are not serious about being a Professional
  • You want someone to do all the work for you
  • You are a BIG Portrait Studio
  • You want to make money from photographing Landscapes, Wine Bottles or Jewelry.
  • You have just bought a camera and want to start a business but have not yet learned how to use it.

    We strongly believe that business can be better, it doesn't need to be so isolated and hard. We want to support your small business by giving you great advice, marketing strategies, social networking strategies to help anyone that needs it.

    To build a business that you absolutely love is scary. We are that someone that you can call on to help. You are not alone any more. We will show you how to find the value that you bring to your client. We will show you how to attract the kind of client that you dream of. Join us today.

    I first met the TGMB girls at one of their seminars here in Adelaide about business pricing. It was particularly relevant to me as I a struggling photography business starting out and having trouble with pricing. I had nearly given up on my business, in fact. I went to the seminar and to have all of this fantastic info given to me which was so relevant - by women who owned actual, real life photography businesses - well it just clicked with me. I felt so much encouragement, especially after talking to the girls personally after the lecture! I really learned a lot about how to set up and price my business so that it could actually turn around and for the first time in ages, I really felt positive and encouraged. I believe that the seminar and all of the info we have received as a part of this group has helped me learn what I needed to and also have the confidence to try it - which I have! I now charge what I should have been charging and things are going so much better. Business saved!

    Jacqui Williams, Celestial Photography
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    Why did we build this site? Because we believe that by educating and helping small business owners we can build a stronger industry.

    We believe “A Rising Tide Floats All Boats” and that is what we want to achieve.

    Yes this is a site that is being built to make us money! No doubt about that! But we also believe strongly in the product that we have here. We worked out what would be helpful to us in our businesses and will be bringing that to you 4 times each month.


    So who is behind all this?

    Melissa Neumann

    Melissa Neumann has been in the industry for over 25yrs and many of you will know her from the involvement that she has had within the AIPP including judging and chairing and APPA and SAPPA, articles from the working pro and currently being on the board. A Mentor, educator and photographer with a wealth of knowledge.

    Carol Lange

    Carol Lange is a small business operator with a background in business, marketing and accounting, and has been a photographer for over 17yrs. Her work has been published both in Australia and in the UK. She has worked in a studio and now works for herself and has taken a home studio into a commercial space.

    We have been helping other photographers with advice one on one for years, we want to take that advice that has worked for us and help everyone. If you like it feel free to stay and learn, you can unsubscribe at any time. And of course we would value your feedback and ideas for content that you might have.

    This is a Flexible Learning Environment.

    As a TGMB all access member, you become part of a like minded community that will help you on the path towards success.  Your weekly membership emails are not just about theory, it gives you practical lessons on business throughout each month, focusing on a different topic that will help you to take your business to the next level.

    • Every month is a new topic. If you get busy you can always come back to this topic when you need to.
    • You get access to all of our short courses and boot camps when you need to tackle something specific in your business.
    • We are always here to help. 
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    TGMB 30 day Money Back GUARANTEE!

    We honestly believe that this will be one of the best investments for your business. We are so confident that you will agree with us that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Put what we teach into action and we guarantee you will see results. If you don’t then we will refund your money.