Life through the eyes of a child?

What is possible in life through the eyes of a child?

There are endless possibilities when you are a child, you have no preconceived ideas on anything and you will fall down as many times as you have to, so why when we become adults do we become so precautious?

Life is an amazing gift and so many of us take the safe option, but why, we miss so many amazing opportunities for learning.

Children explore, investigate, pull things apart, taste things and do some crazy things at times and we just consider it all as learning.

Children also ask for help! They will attempt to do something a couple of times and then more often than not they will ask for help, we as adults tend to try something a couple of times and then determine that it’s too hard and move on. Why can’t we ask for help, why do we let pride or embarrassment stand in the way of conquering a task?

As adults we believe that we cannot do something based on previous experience and tools(thoughts /feelings and behaviors) in our tool box, these have been learned over many years, so we fall into our old patterns.

Children don’t have behavioral/outcome patterns established yet and don’t understand why they can’t do something. Children try to find a way, it may not be the way we as adults would achieve it but they find a way, so why can’t we reprogram our brains that nothing is impossible, and striping the problem back to basics to establish a simpler way to find an answer?

So take a little advice from the smaller people in our world, laugh, explore, investigate with all your energy and be persistent, there are so many wonders out there to be explored and discovered, love the journey of learning and never be afraid to ask for help!

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