Marketing with a different perspective

Psychology is a very interesting field of study, and I recently was told about this particular blog post that brilliantly explains how conditioning the consumer is now used in strategic marketing.

You can find a link to the blog post there.

It got me thinking even more about learning in general and how that could apply to marketing. Here is some information that might spark a different way of thinking about marketing for your business.

Classic conditioning in today’s marketing world refers to an automatic response to a situation built up by repeated exposure. So, for example, the use of celebrity’s endorsing a product, where 2 stimuli are repeatedly paired. It works because the positive reaction to one stimulus (the celebrity) will flow to the 2nd stimuli (the product or viewpoint). As the mum of a teenage son I know that power of classical conditioning in today’s marketing world. He wants to buy the shoes that his favourite basketball players are wearing and spruiking!! The trick here is to think what positive stimuli can you attach your product. What can you place with your product or service to give that positive vibe?

Then we have operant learning. This is where we get positive or negative reinforcement of a behaviour. And there are a few different kinds of an example of how this might work in business. There is the fixed intervals like kids eat free on Tuesday nights. There is the fixed ratio, like the coffee cards where you get a free one every 10th one you buy. Or there is the variable ratio, like a wheel you spin and you have a chance of winning 5% off or 100% off. This is great for special promotions.

Vicarious learning or learning by observation is one of the most powerful of all marketing tools. This is where the old “I want what she is having” comes into play. “Keeping up with the Jones’s” type of marketing. it is also responsible for the huge industry of weight loss and beauty. It’s what we see and what is socially acceptable and desirable.

So perhaps it’s time to look outside the box of marketing and start to really analyse why marketing works and why your marketing is teaching possible clients. Is it talking to them? Is it giving positive vibes. Is it reinforcing positive behaviour. Is it showing others using and or purchasing your products or services?

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