Shed your leaves to grow stronger!

Shed your leaves to grow stronger.

Are the cycles of your business like that of a tree?


Just lately I have spent time staring at trees, I don’t know what it is about them, but I find them to be amazing! They are grand with their large trunks, and those amazing branches reaching for the sky.

I see business can be like a tree. We are asked to search for sustenance as a juvenile or newbie in business. We need to find our team of advocates that will help us grow and become stronger. We need to be nurtured to create strong and sustainable growth.

As the year progresses there seems to be a change in the weather, it starts to get cold, and the necessity arises that you need to shed your leaves. This is not a bad thing, or unnatural, it’s actually really really good to do! I believe that in every business there are times where the weather gets cold and it’s necessary to take stock, remove items that no longer serve you, and preserve the growth that you have had over that year.

Embrace the winter cold, it’s a natural part of life, the more you fight against it the more energy you use up, and this can ultimately resulting in death. This is the time in the cycle of the business to regroup and refocus so that when the sun starts to shine again, you have the strength to push your branches further to that sunlight, and allow those branches to spout leaves and possibly bloom!!!

Winter is also the time that you soak up all the water and nutrients that you can, normally during summer there is very little water that seems to hit the ground (especially here in Australia).

Summer is all about showing off your beautiful branches and those shiny new leaves. This rings true for small business also, while the time is quiet and there does not seem to be much happening, nourish yourself, your mind, take the time to listen to what your business needs, prepare your marketing and get ready for the influx of customers or phone calls that will come in Summer. Summer is the time to shine, have all your product offerings ready, and have your timetable set so that you are ready to take on whatever is thrown your way.

Trees are like businesses, they need to be adaptable, they need to be ready to weather the storm, or to survive the heat of the sun. As the years progress they learn how to survive and take care of themselves, they find a way to thrive and there gather what they need to grow and how they need to grow to ensure that their roots are constantly fed. They use the cold winter month to absorb what will help them to grow. These quiet times are perfect for recovery and self-love, and when the spring comes and the warm weather arrives it is time to put on a show! So remember when the winter time sets in, it’s not a bad thing, it’s how you recover from the cold that matters in the end! How are you going to bloom?