Stop being busy being BUSY!!

Are you trying to be Superwoman? Probably, I think it’s programed into us as women to be able to do everything ourselves.

I don’t feel that I need any help!! I don’t want to put it out there that I need help!! I don’t have the cash to pay for any help, I can do it all myself. I want to do it myself because I am sure I can do it. I feel guilty if my house isn’t perfect and the dinner isn’t cooked, and if the dog hasn’t been out and about, and if the kids don’t get help when they do their homework. I feel guilty if I am using money to help me get stuff done because I want to spend that on my family/dog/cat/kids/or whatever else you want to insert here!

Sound Familiar?

We (women even more than the fellas) seem to have it programmed into us that we need to do everything ourselves if we are able. If we are going to make the time to create a successful business we need to look at ways that we can get ourselves some time back. We find it difficult to get over the guilt. The guilt that we are not good enough to get it all done on our own, the guilt of spending money getting people to help you get the jobs done, the guilt that we should be doing more and producing more and making more. What happens is that we end up being really busy, but not achieving anything.

Stop being busy being busy.

Let’s look at how we can get the help that won’t break the bank.

How about online grocery shopping? They deliver free – and we will save money by buying only what we need. I don’t know about you but there is always extra stuff in my trolley as I wander around the supermarket.

House Cleaning anyone? Get a cleaner in for a few hours each week to do some of the cleaning around the house. I also do a ½ hour mid week clean with my kids, as soon as they get home from school we spend 30-40 mins on a Wednesday afternoon doing a quick house clean. WE do the same again usually for not as long on a Friday night. It helps me keep the house in order without having to spend an entire day cleaning. Now that might not work if you have little kids, but you would be surprised how helpful event the little ones can be given the right incentive!!

Cooking ideas? There is a heap of great quick meals that you can make! And we have social media! Ask your friends for their best quick meal recipes. Don’t spend hours in the kitchen, unless you love to cook (that’s different!!)

I am sure there are a million and one ideas out there as to how we can get help without it breaking the bank. In the comments below tell us what you can do to get some help with everything you need to do.

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