What do you do in business when you don’t have the cash flow for a business coach?

We talk to lots of small business people and we know all of the reasons as to why having a coach is not for them. And even though we are coaches, we get it. We fully understand all the reasons because we haven’t yet found someone that we have hired to coach us. Which seems weird right? But we like to be honest here at TGMB. What we have had over the years are amazing mentors and people that have helped us get where we are today. And that is why we work the way that we do. We have had great success mentoring small business people and have created different ways to help. Only there is a secret that we want to tell you about.

There is one thing that we have found that is just so essential.

Want to know what it is?

Discovering what you need. That’s right, discovering on your own what it is that you want to do in your business. You need to discover what works for you, where to get good advice, and own it.

Now I know that this probably goes against all the rhetoric out there about getting a coach.

Paying for someone to come in and be your boss to get your business up and running for you is great if that is what you think is going to work for you. And there are some great business coaches around that motivate and kick butt. But that is not for everyone. They can be costly, hard to find one you feel comfortable with, and there are no guarantees that they will make your business work . Often you will be locked into a contract before you really know if it will work for you. You really have to believe that you have found the right person to work with and have faith that it will work for you. You need to jump in boots and all and do everything that you are told you need to do or you will waste your money.

Here are our top 5 tips for discovering what you need:

Number 1: Become curious and network. No matter what business you are in you will find a way to network with business of your size and for what you do. Take some time to get to know people in your industry. There is always people willing to help others and give some free advice. Or ask them out for lunch to pick their brain, but please make sure you pay the bill! Don’t forget that your local council might also run business work shops and offer help for small business so see what you can find here as well. And look further than just the industry that you work in. find businesses of all kinds that are the same size as yours and become curious as to what makes them work.

Number 2: Find an accountability partner. This is a person who you meet with regularly. Someone that can keep you accountable for what you have said you will do in your business. but it’s a two way street, you have to make them accountable as well. Keep it business, no chit chat. Like you are going to do an update with your boss about where you are at, what you are planning on doing, and what you will get done before you next meeting. Once the business part is out of the way if you want to have a social coffee then go for it. But get the business part done first otherwise it turns into a waste of time.

Number 3: invest in your own personal development. Learn and never stop. Seek out what it is that you need for your business. We live in an amazing time. Knowledge at our fingertips. Audiobooks on our phones. Podcasts about everything. Free webinars on any topic you want to know about. There are some great membership sites out there – of course we recommend ours (here is the link if you want to check it out). Become a member, absorb all that you can and be part of the community, then move on once you have outgrown it. Set aside time for learning.

Number 4: Work on your weak spots. We love working on the stuff that is already going well, but…….
it’s the week spots that need our attention.
First identify what those week spots are. Then set your focus on making that a strong point for you. it’s always the weakest link that breaks the chain

Number 5: Never give up. You know more than you think you do. You just need to put that knowledge into practice.

You are responsible for decisions in life and in business. stop looking for the quick simple easy answer and just do it!!