Why do you need to suffer to be great?

Why is it we see people succeed after terrible circumstances? Loved ones die, job failure, physical impairment, these are horrible situations to be faced with in life and not one that I personally ever want to experience!

So does that mean I will never experience greatness in my life? Will I never get to experience the financial freedom without literally costing me an arm and a leg?

I want to examine why people who have been through trauma in their lives can go on to achieve greatness in their lives. It’s called in my books “no other choice” and in a nutshell it encompasses every strength, tenacity, endurance, hope and dream that person could wish for.

They have nothing else in their lives but this one goal, one dream, one pursuit to get them out of the hole that they have found themselves in. They never ever give up, always looking for ways to make it work. The rest of us, on the other hand, can slip into a working coma, settling for the mundane job, believing we can get through life by following the rules of employment. (I have a whole other blog on this so stay tuned).

Even those of you in business with a spouse or partner that is working who don’t need to work for the money. have you ever thought that you don’t really need to work, you think you do but are you really earning any money, or is it an escape from being at home, away from the kids, adult time???? What is it that you wanting to acheive?

When push comes to shove you need to be really honest with yourself, because if the need to succeed is strong, then you will do anything, and I mean anything to succeed! It means long nights at the computer after the spouse and kids have gone to bed. It means choosing to focus on your business or career rather than having fun, so many people don’t understand that it is a requirement to live like most never would so that you can live a life that most never will. Hard work, hours of pushing yourself, growing yourself to become more aware of what you need to succeed.

When someone is faced with adversity they have no choice but to push forward. Take the lessons from these amazing, strong individuals who never gave up, take only a few percent of that amazing elixir and apply it to yourself and your situation. You do not need to have tragedy in your life to be successful, but be prepared to work like you have never worked before, hunt like a killer, search for food like a starving individual; its takes a strength and courage to push through these barriers, so prove to yourself and those around you that you can do it. We all have our own personal struggles, anyone that tells you they don’t are lying, but as I said earlier you don’t need to lose a limb to be successful remember that!