Why doesn’t marketing work?

Each time you do a new marketing activity you need to make sure that you are getting value for money or return on investment. And if you can put your marketing in the right target then it can be fantastic but it is also very easy to screw up and we do it all the time.

There are 2 main reasons that marketing doesn’t work

1. You were in front of the wrong market
2. The structures around your marketing didn’t support the marketing activities.

Being in front of the wrong crowd can mean that your ideal client is missing out on seeing you. You need to understand if you want your ideal client you need to go to where they will be. Wasting time being where they are not gets you nowhere.

Ask these questions when looking at your marketing:
• Does this market fit your ideal client?
• Would it bring in the right quality of client?
• Is the activity is within your IC’s world.
• Will your IC be there?
• Is this a branding or marketing opportunity?
• How much of a financial risk are you willing to take to try it out?
• How can you capture as many contacts as you can from the event?

But don’t just do a marketing activity because the opportunity arises. Look at each opportunity and really dig deep to work out if your target market will be there.

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