Writing the Perfect Blog Post – is there such a thing?

If you are going to blog you need to work out how regularly you are going to blog, what you are going to blog and how you’re going to blog. But one of the biggest hurdles to getting into blogging is actually writing the blogs. Blogging strategy is an entirely separate post but what I want to talk today about is the sitting down and actually writing the content.

I have many business people that find writing blog posts really difficult to do. And it is for most of us!! That is because we expect that as we write, the perfect blog post is going to appear.  That rarely happens.

Here is how I like to work, it might help you work out how you could work. I think about the main point of my blog post. A summary of what I want to message to be. Then I just let it flow. Write down all the sentences and paragraphs that will explain this message. Just get it all out and down on paper. You might have double ups of what you’re saying, you might have part sentience’s, you might have single words or bullet points. But all that you need will be there.

Then you can go back over what you have written and start to make sense of it. You can edit, then edit, then edit again until it is shaped into something that you’re happy with. If you want to go one step further you can get someone to look at it as another editor and ask them what they think the message is and see if it matches up with what you wanted it to say.

Remember that you should not spend a week getting your blog post perfect. You need to limit how much time you spend with each post – time is money after all. But Blogging can become a major part of your business if used in a blogging strategy plan. If you blog off and on it can actually do more harm than good to your business. So if you decide to blog, make a commitment and a plan.

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