You can’t break the rules if you haven’t mastered the rules.

You can’t break the rules if you haven’t mastered the rules.

The old saying, the rules were made to be broken must have been said by someone that already mastered all the rules. Because you can’t break them until you have mastered them.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, there are business rules that need to be followed. There are formulas to running a successful business. There are process and procedures that need to be designed, refined and followed. Your goal should be to get your business running like clockwork so that you can step away from the business more and enjoy the fun parts of being a business owner. That might mean allowing others to do some of the work for you. it might mean being able to look for growth opportunities. It might be taking more time for yourself and your family. Whatever it is, it will come only once you have the rules in place to follow.

Processes and procedures are such a dull uninteresting part of the business, but they can also be the most crucial and stabilising part of a business. Think for a minute about your favourite dish at your favourite restaurant. If every time you ordered it a different chef cooked it differently would you be a happy customer? Of course not. You want the same quality, service and taste each and every time. There is a process that gets your favourite meal from order to table looking just the same as it was last time you dined. Every inch of your business can have a process. And each of these processes can help your business to function and give you the ability to gather facts about your business. in the example of the favourite dinner, if you are making the same dish repeatedly you can work out to the cent what that meal costs, you can work out what you need to charge for the meal and you can work out how often every week that meal gets served. You can then work out bulk purchases of ingredients, allow time for staff to do their part of the process etc. so you can gather data about your business because of the processes and procedures that you put in place.

If you don’t have rules to follow, then you have to reinvent the wheel constantly. This is time-consuming and there is no consistency to your service or products. This is a good example where time spent creating processes can save you so much time, energy and stress down the track.

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