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I met the TGMB girls at a AIPP evening here in Melbourne, which was structured around business pricing. I am in my early stages of business and found that the industry was overloaded with information and ideas, pretty much I was in business brain meltdown mode. I found the evening enjoyable, encouraging, and motivating - so I decided that it was time to sort my business structure out, and get industry knowledge from one source.

I signed up to TGMB, and have found it really rewarding. I currently call my business "work in progress", and I tune in weekly to listen to Melissa's videos and to complete the worksheets. Melissa has over 20+ years knowledge in the industry, and it shows! There has been several occasions when I have actually asked for additional assistance. Melissa has taken time out of her busy schedule to call me and talk through things. Offering me that much needed guidance and a helping hand. I look forward to seeing what my year brings, with the help of TGMB.

Jacqui Williams, Celestial Photography

I first met the TGMB girls at one of their seminars here in Adelaide about business pricing. It was particularly relevant to me as I a struggling photography business starting out and having trouble with pricing. I had nearly given up on my business, in fact. I went to the seminar and to have all of this fantastic info given to me which was so relevant - by women who owned actual, real life photography businesses - well it just clicked with me. I felt so much encouragement, especially after talking to the girls personally after the lecture! I really learned a lot about how to set up and price my business so that it could actually turn around and for the first time in ages, I really felt positive and encouraged. I believe that the seminar and all of the info we have received as a part of this group has helped me learn what I needed to and also have the confidence to try it - which I have! I now charge what I should have been charging and things are going so much better. Business saved!


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