21 Day Ultimate Social Media Boot Camp

When we TAKE ACTION on what we learn, GREAT things happen.
~Mike Litman

21 Day Ultimate Social Media Boot Camp
Daily Emails
every day for 21 days we will send you a reminder email of what you should be doing. Keeping you on your toes and reminding you of what you need to do.
PDF of entire 21Day schedule
a complete PDF of all the emails so you can get started and work at your own pace if you want to.
Peace of Mind
your step by step guide will get you taming your social media in no time.

This 21 day includes topics like:

  • getting all your branding files organised for online
  • creating a bio
  • knowing and finding your target market
  • knowing your key message
  • getting to know all of the options and deciding which is best for you
  • working out where to start and what you might already have happening
  • knowing the tricks to create content

and includes extra bonus material in week 21 to keep you excited.