How did TGMB come to be?

The About Us Page!!

We are on a quest. We want to help anyone who is serious about making a successful small business work.

We want to rise the tide to float all boats.

So who is behind all this?

Carol Lange

Carol is a business improvement specialist, with qualifications in accounting and management. She loves a good catch up with friends and family, which should always involve good food and wine. And she’s a mum to a crazy 7yr old.

Carol has been a small business operator with a strong background in business, marketing and accounting, and has been a photographer for over 17yrs. Her work has been published both in Australia and in the UK. She has a bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and a Bachelor of Business Management.

Melissa Neumann

Melissa is a life coach and strategic interventionist, currently studying psychology. She’s an educator and mentor. And she’s a crazy cat lady with a house full of pets and kids.

Melissa has been and educator for over 15 yrs and part of the photography industry for over 25yrs and many know her from the involvement with the AIPP including judging and chairing at national and state professional photography awards, her articles from the industry mag - working pro and recently being on the board. A Mentor, educator and photographer with a wealth of knowledge.


We have been helping other business owners with advice one on one for years, we want to take that advice that has worked for us and help everyone.

"I was having the same conversation over and over with small business owners who were struggling with their businesses. Many would be given my name to contact to see if I could help them, and I was also doing one on one sessions with photographers on a variety of topics. I was giving my time freely to anyone that wanted help. I have always believed that if you give freely you get back 10 fold. I believe in Karma. Carol came to me with the idea of creating a community and a membership site. I thought it was a great idea and joined her in her quest to create a site were we could share our experiences and help others without judgement and without breaking the bank. Carol was also having the same conversations that I was having with many business owners who were struggling. We have spent many hundreds of hours developing and learning the technical side of how to get a community like this to work. We built it, tested it, and have gotten it up and running. We have been talking around the country to spread our message. We know that what we are doing is making a difference because our members and those that come and see us talk are telling us so. And that is exactly why we are doing what we are doing. If we can help save one business owner from stress and burnout and help them put their business on a path to success then we have achieved our goal. We want our community to find what best suits them for their circumstance. We all started somewhere and we don’t make judgements over others. We just give the best information we can so that each individual can make the best decisions for themselves." Melissa Neumann

And what is our message?

You can have a business that will make you money, that will satisfy that need to be your own boss, and that will give you the lifestyle that you want. There is no one size fits all strategy but there are areas of your business that you need to investigate and decide what is right for you. We know what has worked and what the basics of any good business needs. We have seen many business's come and go and we know why they burned out and shut down. We share our wins and our disasters and analyses why disasters happen. We are always learning as the technology around us changes. Today's marketplace is a very difficult marketplace to be in but we have the survival skills that will not only get you there but help you thrive. We give anyone that wants to have a business the information and ideas that they need to succeed. We do it in an affordable way that gives each month its own topic with in depth information to make changes in your business that will put it in the right direction. We do it with short courses that are affordable and jam packed full of great information.

And why should anyone listen to us?

Carol has a University degree in both business management and commerce majoring in accounting. She has been in the industry for over 17 yrs. She started off shooting drag racing on the weekends (which was published around the world) while working as an accountant and moved into weddings, and eventually into her own studio shooting babies, children and families. With the business education she possesses and the passion for being a game changer she is a powerhouse of knowledge. Melissa has been a photographer over 25yrs. She worked in studios in her early days and then worked in her own business until an injury to her back took her in a different direction for a while. Unable to shoot while her back injury healed (only something that would happen over time) She completed a Diploma in Information Technology. “IT was a new area when I was learning so I was offered a teaching job as soon as I finished my Diploma. I taught networking for 2 years and then went into the area of multimedia and photography, being an early adopter of online learning, finishing up teaching photographer for 10yrs before leaving TAFESA and returning to my business full time. I kept my hand in as a photographer while teaching, mainly for family and friends and previous clients. I also got married, divorced, had children and married a second time during this period. I missed teaching after I left but got stuck into building my business back up. To be able to once again use all the skills I learned teaching and being able to combine that with my business knowledge is for me the best of both worlds. And I can reach so many more photographers now than ever thanks to the technology now available. “ ~Mel

I met the TGMB girls at a AIPP evening here in Melbourne, which was structured around business pricing. I am in my early stages of business and found that the industry was overloaded with information and ideas, pretty much I was in business brain meltdown mode. I found the evening enjoyable, encouraging, and motivating - so I decided that it was time to sort my business structure out, and get industry knowledge from one source.

I signed up to TGMB, and have found it really rewarding. I currently call my business "work in progress", and I tune in weekly to listen to Melissa's videos and to complete the worksheets. Melissa has over 20+ years knowledge in the industry, and it shows! There has been several occasions when I have actually asked for additional assistance. Melissa has taken time out of her busy schedule to call me and talk through things. Offering me that much needed guidance and a helping hand. I look forward to seeing what my year brings, with the help of TGMB.

Sheree Kershaw
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