Get more eyes on your posts.

When you are in business it is always hard to decide what to write when it comes to posting online.

The key is to give the people something that interests them.

And to make one piece of content that can be used in many different places.

The reason we want to do this is that it establishes our business as a place to get trustworthy expert information about topics related to your industry. Publishing posts that are educational, thought provoking and informative will lift your engagement.

So here is our top 5 ideas for blog posts.

  1. The how to post. Everyone loves a great how to post. This is what we search for when we need to know how to do everything. And let’s face it in today’s google world we can find info on how to do just about anything.
  2. Tips and tricks that can help your customers use your product or service better.
  3. Helpful warnings about your industry. Customers appreciate honesty so let them know what to look out for.
  4. Let them know about events that you or your industry are having that might be of interest to the general public.
  5. What are the common customer questions that you get about your business?

These 5 simple ideas will help you to create great blog posts that you can then promote on your other social media outlets. Remember that it is important to put yourself out there and have great customer service. These kinds of posts are an extension of that