The Finishing Curse

Do you get excited and get started on a project only to find other things taking your focus away from the project, and it gets put to the side and never finished?

I think every person I know suffers from this curse.

There are 2 issues here, did you get side-tracked and just lost interest, or did you decide it was not worth pursuing?

If you have lots of projects on the go, choose one today. Make it your mission to follow it through to the end. You are either going to learn a heap of new skills or you are going to run with it till it dies its own death. Or of course, it might also make you a heap of money!! Either way, you have finished something, seen it through to the end and that is awesome.

Most of the time the problems found in business are those good ideas are not seen through to the end. That is because we like to slip back into our old habits. Doing something new isn’t just hard work, we have to work hard and have to break out of our everyday autopilot loop to make it happen. It’s uncharted waters.

So are you ready to become an explorer and navigate uncharted waters?