Understanding Pricing For Profit

Just Added: This is such a hot topic that we wanted to give you some basic guidance to what you need to know to create a price structure that works for you. We plan over the next few months to create a 30 days program to the perfect pricelist with the information in these videos to comprise the first 5 days of that program. We hope to release the 30 program in February 2015. but if you want more info about this topic or guidance please email us or use the Facebook page to ask questions.

Video 1 : What you need to understand before we get started. VERY IMPORTANT STUFF!!


Video 2: The 3 elements that we will be considering and COG

Video 3: How much work do you need to work out your pricing sweet spot or average sales goal.

Video 4: The cost of doing business. Knowing what you need before you even have one client is so important. This explains how to work that part out.

Video 5: Now you understand the components, we bring it all together to see how each can be adjusted to work for your business and how to find the sweet spot for your business.