Whats Direction?


So what is direction?

According to the dictionary, it means: “a course along which someone or something moves”

So direction is movement, and movement is critical to the success of any business. We must learn to move with the ebbs and flows of the market, our thinking, and our circumstances.

But what does having direction mean to a small business owner? We know that we need to move towards something, a goal, a result, a culmination of the work that you are conducting. But all too often we get so entrenched with the day to day workings of the business that we lose sight of the bigger picture.

It’s the bigger picture that gives you direction……..

All small business owners are asked what they want to achieve out of their business before they start, and so many overlook this process. Let’s be serious the goal of having your own business is financial freedom right, but so many don’t realise there are many other aspects of having your own business.

Financial freedom, work-life balance, not having to report to anyone, the lists are endless for all the reasons to be self-employed, and they will be different for everyone. This determines the direction that you will take to get to your chosen destination. I hope you are starting to see the picture that I am putting together here.

You need to understand your destination in order to understand your direction. When you understand that you are trying to get to work-life balance for example, (and please play along with my hypothetical example),

  • you have the ability to wake up when you need to,
  • possibly take the kids to school for dads and mums,
  • have the time to dedicate to fitness,
  • the ability to eat well,
  • read,
  • meditate,
  • walk in the park,
  • Be able to have a sick day or what I love, a mental health day.

Whatever your day looks like to you, understanding what you want to have at the end of the hard work, will give you the map to work towards it. Many people fall into the trap of believing that if they stray from their path that they are failing. This thinking is wrong, and it needs to stop now!!!

There are many roads that lead to the same destination, and the direction that you take will resonate with you and your beliefs. Ensuring that each day you are taking positive, meaningful steps towards your destination will ensure that you are on the right path or heading in the right direction.

The understanding direction is vital to the successful achievement of your deepest desires. Get comfortable with your direction and focus your attention to ensure you are heading down the right path every day!